Get help analyzing vibrations and noise

Vibrations and noise are the source of many challenges and costs in society. Vibrations can lead to a shorter service life of mechanical components, failure on mechanical systems, physical discomfort and personal injuries as well as acoustic noise exceeding the limits in terms of health and safety. On the other hand, knowledge of vibrations can be used positively, e.g. for process optimization, validation of simulation models, monitoring of processes and buildings as well as several sorting and cleaning processes. Tech Invent has strong competencies within vibration analysis, and we will thus be the ideal collaborative partner for your company. We use modelling and measuring to analyze vibrations and noise. Measurements are performed by means of e.g. strain gauges, accelerometers or audio recordings. Modelling includes analytical modelling, finite element analysis and dynamic multibody simulation. Tech Invent analyzes the measurement and modelling results by means of the following techniques:
  • Time series analysis
  • Frequency analysis (FFT)
  • Operational Modal Analysis (OMA)
  • Experimental Modal Analysis (EMA)
  • Order analysis
  • Envelope analysis
Tech Invent would be pleased to assist your company with your challenges in terms of vibrations and noise. We have a very practical approach to our work and focus on simple solutions which create as much value for our clients as possible. Moreover, we help our clients to learn from – and with – us. This mentality also reflects our work with vibrations and noise, and we are always ready to assist you in projects such as:
  • Mapping of resonance frequencies to prevent machine component fatigue, sudden breakdowns and big vibrations
  • Validation and calibration of dynamic and static calculation models to ensure that your calculations correspond to reality
  • Identification and suppression of noise sources in machines so that the users of your machines are not exposed to health hazardous noise
  • Limitation of vibrations in production processes, such as machining, so that you can increase your product quality and boost your productivity
  • Development of monitoring solutions for machines so that you can detect worn bearings etc. and plan maintenance before breakdown