Green Design and CO2 Calculations

We ensure that green design becomes an integrated and normalized part of the workflow in your company, with tools and guidelines that suit your needs. Additionally, all participants gain general knowledge and a common language that facilitates continuing the work in your green transition. If you are unsure if this is for you, feel free to call us or take a look at our green design guide for inspiration.

    CO2e on Machines and Products

    With our CO2e calculator in SolidWorks, we enable you to get a more accurate calculation of the environmental impact of your machines and materials. By designing the product or machine and defining production parameters, we can provide a CO2e value based on materials and procedures documented by recognized institutions. This can provide valuable information on where to intervene in the future to reduce environmental impact on both new and previous machines and products.

      What you get from us

      We deliver working drawings from SolidWorks on products where CO2e is shown. This can be done on both parts basis and for complete constructions. The CO2e value is based on verified table lookups and procedures and can contribute to the reporting of your CO2 accounts.

        The Green designguide

        Our green design guide is our attempt to spread the green transition to as many as possible. Our focus has been on creating a freely available guide that companies working with design and production can use to design as green as possible.

        The guide includes, among other things:

        • Design precautions
        • Comparison of materials
        • Energy optimization throughout the lifecycle

        Everyone can benefit from reading it, but it is mainly aimed at engineers or designers who either draw or construct machines or products daily and want to give their products a lower climate footprint.

        This guide is constantly being revised, and we would appreciate your feedback to make it even better and help even more. Please contact us at and share your thoughts.

        We are in the final stage of completing the guide. You have the option to receive it automatically by mail and get future updates by signing up using the form below.