We can help protect your product

Tech Invent can assist you in the process of ensuring that your product is protected.

Together with the Danish Patent and Trademark Office we ensure your company’s rights to your ideas and thus create the best basis for growth and development in your company.

Tech Invent assists you to arrange a dialogue search regarding your unique technical innovation that you want to protect.

As your protection officer, we assist you in the filling of forms, the preparation of drawings and technical descriptions of the innovation, which is needed in the application for a patent or a utility model.

Have you invented something new that needs to be put into production, or do you want to launch a new brand or trademark? It may be worthwhile to protect your product to retain your rights, including IP rights.

At the same time, you can investigate whether your idea can be confused with something that already exists. This ensures that your product is unique and avoids infringing on existing rights.