Save both time and money with Virtual Reality

What is VR?

Virtual Reality is a computer-generated reality which offers the opportunity to see and interact with 3D models via a VR headset.

Why is VR relevant for you?

When an engineer prepares large layouts or designs, this is normally done in front of a computer. However, this is quite a limiting factor as the sense of physical room and scaling is twisted. Therefore, Virtual Reality is an important part of Tech Invent and our work. VR provides us with the opportunity to interact with complex CAD models in a 1:1 scale in order to optimize the product in the concept development phase, to have design reviews prior to the fabrication phase and as a strong tool for sale and communication. VR can thus save you time, money and many frustrations.

In addition, the sense of physical room is an advantage when assessing work positions and safety as well as for training and development of work procedures.

How do we utilize VR together?

In the utilization of VR, we can quickly import 3D CAD models for a virtual environment, reminding of the environment where the product is going to be applied in the end. You or your customer can experience the product in a strong realistic version, already before it is put into production. Tech Invent has much experience with different types of software and can help you find a solution that fits exactly your needs – both when it comes to designing your idea from scratch and when walking about in a plant constructed by you and your team.
We utilize Virtual Reality in cooperation with our customers for safety walks, visualization, interaction, reviews, etc.

If VR is of your interest, or if you would like to learn more about the opportunities of Virtual Reality, please contact Tech Invent and let’s find the best solution together.