The human face in a technical world

Tech Invent has a company culture where engagement, curiosity, creativity, and mutual respect are at the center.

Innovation and efficiency are created by people who prioritize work-life balance, are professionally ahead of the curve, understand the value of collaboration and knowledge sharing internally and with our customers.

Magnet for future talent

Tech Invent works actively to maintain good relations with educational and research institutions, so we are always visible and attractive to future talents. The company’s focus is on an employee culture that supports lifelong learning, engagement, and community creates attractive employees who are the best guarantee for Tech Invent as a magnet for attractive talents.

Danish production also in the future

We contribute to our customers’ ability to create production in and from Denmark. Tech Invent offers its competencies within mechanics, automation, digitization, and logistics to companies that want to strengthen their production competitiveness, technological strength, and innovative market position.

Resource-based sustainability

We prioritize responsibility for balanced production. Tech Invent seeks solutions that optimize energy use in the product and production, reduce material waste, facilitate subsequent operation/service, and enable efficient recycling.


  • Informal: We are informal, which is reflecting in our flat organizational structure and the way we do things
  • Dedication: We are dedicated to what we do – both in the solving og customer assignments and development of the company
  • Innovation: We are innovative and constantly attempt to think in new ways as well as challenge the client in a positive way
  • Honesty: We say things as they are. This applies both to the client and internally in the organization
  • Value-creating: We create value for our clients and employees
  • Competent: Our team of competent employees are adaptable, and we are quick to engage the issues of our clients