Streamline your workflows with Internet of Things

Tech Invent can help you to develop your IoT product which can make your work procedures more efficient or bring new knowledge to your company. Data is communicated wirelessly from different devices, and together they generate an internal internet-like structure. Internet of Things (IoT) can be an abstract concept – however, it will become an inevitable part of future products, production and processes.

What is IoT?

Simply put, Internet of Things is about integrating data in devices/components which are connected to the internet. When these electronic devices are made intelligent and are able to communicate with each other and the outside world, it offers opportunities and potential at all levels. An example of this is the transformation to Industry 4.0 where production and processes are optimized and automized through implementation or intellectualization of electronic devices.

Why is IoT relevant for you?

The transformation/development towards IoT will save time and staff – both at small and large scale. However, the most important thing for Tech Invent is that you just get started. It could involve the development of mechatronic solutions such as digital twins or the utilization of big data where data collection and visualization or data processing may be required. Your IoT solution could either be on a permanent or on a temporary basis. It could be part of a prototype or the evaluation of a full production line. Combined with rapid prototyping such as 3D prints, we can achieve great results together and collect data in a more intelligent and timely manner, which does not necessarily include heavy equipment or over-complicated instruments.

How do we utilize IoT together?

The benefits of IoT have already proven in our cooperation with clients where intelligent sensors in the quality control ensure well-documented, consistent and precise data, and where a combined sensor package provides in-depth knowledge about the production line. Here we can utilize data from the sensor packages to evaluate the design of machines, simulate force applications for exposed objects or collect data in real-time and adjust process parameters. In spite of the abstract concept, the opportunities of IoT must not be confusing or chaotic. Therefore, we would be pleased to help you get started as soon as possible. If you would like to learn more about our services, please contact us for a discussion about your future IoT project.