Use Tech Invent to execute your next project

A project delivery from Tech Invent can range from a small custom-made tool to a complete production line consisting of a combination of specialized and standard machines assembled to the specific needs of the industry in question. The project may be a structural steel construction, which first needs to be designed, calculated according to legislation, welded together into individual building components, and set up on site. Tech Invent’s competencies cover such projects’ calculations on most materials that do not consist of concrete or reinforced concrete structures or building calculations with bricks and wood. Automation projects with robots or a combined delivery of custom-made mechanics together with a robotic solution. Furthermore, automation projects may involve the conversion of machines or existing equipment. Renovation projects on larger mechanical systems with a mix of new and existing technology that extends their lifespan and ensures that the solution is up to date again. What is common for all projects is that Tech Invent can solve all phases from idea to delivery of the project delivery, including documentation and a service agreement.