Tech Invent has experience in managing technical projects

Before investing in a new machine, calculation task, or process optimization, relevant questions should be asked such as:

  • What are the total costs?
  • What risks could impact the project or potentially prevent it from being a good business?
  • How much needs to be invested compared to the economic benefits?
  • Is the timeline realistic and does it account for challenges that may arise?
  • How can conflicts of interest and resistance to change be avoided?

It requires knowledge, overview, and often technical insight to be the key person around these questions. Tech Invent’s employees are experienced in managing projects and have a technical understanding in their background. Everyone has an honest and positive approach to tasks. We are open to good ideas and input from you and always investigate what is possible in relation to the specific project’s economics and timeline.

We know that good communication is crucial to solving the challenges that may arise along the way. Therefore, we are very attentive to maintaining a good dialogue, and we are known for creating value for our customers, so you can confidently leave your project management to us.

What do you get?

Tech Invent takes over the handling and management of the project, allowing you to concentrate on your core tasks.

Our technical project managers ensure that a plan with areas of focus and milestones is created together with the entire project team. This includes brainstorming, design, manufacturing, and installation.

The plan is closely followed to ensure that all resources are optimally utilized, and the quality is in order. Ongoing meetings along the way ensure progress and success while also keeping an eye on complying with special standards and internal norms.