Deboxing machine

The deboxing machine opens cardboard boxes, unpacks their contents, and presents them for repackaging. The box is opened by cutting off and removing the lid. Typically, there is an instruction manual inside the box, which the machine also disposes of along with the box and lid. The machine has a measuring system that ensures the cardboard box dimensions are correct and allows for quick and flexible switching to other box sizes.


  • Cardboard dimensions range from 18 mm to 165 mm
  • Integrated measuring unit for easy adjustment of box size
  • Handling of various closing methods such as folded, glued, and labeled
  • Unpacking of up to 24 boxes or 80 blister cards per minute
  • Production in-line or for manual packaging of stacked blister cards
  • Buffer system at waste bin enables continuous production
  • The machine’s ergonomic solutions ensure good working conditions for the user
  • It is possible to configure the machine for other types of packaging and content
  • Optional service and support package

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