Remove uncertainty with test setup and data collection

As a supplement to FEM modelling, we offer strain gauge measurements, which are particularly interesting in case of uncertainty about the results of a FEM simulation. Furthermore, with the strain gauge measurements, we can tune the FEM simulation to calculate very precisely, so that you get a solid foundation for making decisive decisions about the development of your product.

Strain gauge measurements make the calculation department aware of how the product behaves in an operating situation. The measurements and the reporting can provide invaluable quality assurance in the development department by highlighting the discrepancy between the expected and unexpected. The test report also provides new ideas for improvements and optimisation of the product.

What do you get?

We offer optimisation and detection of simulation models with test and measurement equipment.

An alternative to theoretical simulation is practical tests and measurements. In some cases, this method is also used to validate theoretical calculations.

We use test setup and data collection in the following areas:

  • Strain gauge measurement for mechanical stress analysis and frequency analysis
  • Thermography and thermal sensors for thermal tests
  • High speed┬ácamera recordings for troubleshooting and optimisation of process equipment
  • Pressure measuring using pressure transmitters
  • Various mechanical strength analyses
  • Torque measurement and deformation measurement