Tech Invent has experience with industrial electricity and automation solutions

Tech Invent develops complete solutions for the industry in the shape of production equipment and machines. We develop hardware and software for both large and small projects of varying complexity. Tech Invent has experience with electrical engineering and automation solutions such as PLC programming, development of HMI software, CE marking and design of electrical boards, and integration of innovative solutions in the development of special machines and production equipment. When we develop the PLC programme, the electrical board and the HMI software for the individual project, we have experience with programmes such as PCSCHEMATIC, TIA Portal and SEE Electrical.

Why choose us?

Tech Invent ensures quality, innovation and competent employees, and prioritise these features highly when we solve a project. We believe that good cooperation and passion create the best results. By choosing Tech Invent to solve a problem, you get innovative and user-friendly solutions with comprehensive documentation. Already in the project phase, we are in dialogue with you to ensure the best possible and most optimal solution for the project. We make sure that the type and size of the electrical board, the PLC programming, the PC and the HMI software is the right one for the specific project.