The No. 10 concept

”Imagine a soccer team. The star attacking midfielder (also called the 10th position) is often the one with the best finishing skills and countless assists. They are often very imaginative, and they can pass the ball to both attackers and outer positions in ways that others would not have thought of. It requires great dribbling skills and a great overall picture of the situation. The person is great at enhancing their teammates’ abilities and bringing out their qualities.” Several parallels can be drawn to skills that are desired in an engineer. A great example is that an engineer is excellent at “dribbling” between solutions and challenges to find the most ideal path to the perfect solution. The person is great at listening and receiving feedback, so that the group together can solve the task in the most optimal way.


By working hard to find the optimal solution,
we create value for you.

As a costumer, you can expect innovate solutions of the highest quality while deadlines and budgets are being met. We meet you at an eye level when you experience challenges that require assistance. We are always honest and receptive when we communicate. We consider this a prerequisite for a successful collaboration.

Our skilled engineers and technical project managers can also come to you on-site for a limited period, or on an ongoing basis as needed, and be part of your project team or development department.

A great collaboration stems from close dialogue – and you get that when you spar with one of our experienced advisers. Together, we clarify challenges and opportunities – to specify and plan the best solution to fulfill your needs.
Tech Invent takes charge of the management and governance of the project so that you can concentrate on your core tasks.

Our technical project managers ensure, together with the entire project group, that a plan is crafted covering focus areas and subgoals. This includes brainstorm, design, manufacturing, and assembly.

The plan is closely followed so that all resources are optimally utilized and that the quality is adequate. Continuous meetings secure progress and success as well as ensuring that special standards and internal norms are met.

Our employees are our most valuable resource and consists of engineers with both a practical and theoretical background combined with broad engineering experience. Constant competence development and the improvement of employees are the basis for delivering the best services and getting ahead of our costumers’ future needs.

Internal sparring, knowledge sharing, and discussion of the tasks at hand ensures the right execution of our projects. Ultimately, our numerous years of experience and commitment means that as a costumer of Tech Invent, you are always guaranteed a dedicated collaboration, where budgets, deadlines, and confidentiality are adhered to from day one.

On delivery of any newly developed machine, we provide user training to ensure that the machine functions optimally on a daily work basis.
Fast online support in combination with a net connection to the machine ensures short downtimes.
Tech Invent is agile and flexible in terms of further development of the machines when fabrication changes. As much as possible, the machines are built using standard components for quick procurement of spare parts.

On-site engineer

More and more Danish companies are using external consultants to handle periods of extra need for engineering resources. We are also experiencing this at Tech Invent. There is a demand for our skilled engineers and technical project managers who can be deployed to your company for a limited period or on an ongoing basis as needed and become part of your project team or development department. Our customers benefit greatly from this on-site solution, which is effective and built on openness, professionalism, and mutual trust. An on-site engineer from Tech Invent is used, among other things, to:
  • Identify an acute resource need during peak demand in your engineering department
  • Bring in new skills
  • Contribute new knowledge and experiences to your company
  • Introduce new skills to the organization, not just from the individual engineer who comes out, but from the entire Tech Invent organization
  • Spread a positive atmosphere and dynamic in the department


We are constantly working to be at the very top in terms of complying with out clients’ requirements for quality, delivery time, and budget. In development projects we follow internal projects models based on the stage-gate principle, developed to address the different types of projects we do. The project model ensure that all milestones are reached according to schedule, quality, and price. At the same time, there is concurrent control to make sure the project runs according to the plan. We work on calculation- and simulation tasks according to internal engineering guidelines and quality procedures, to ensure that the working methods and the quality level is always consistent in every project.