As the company grows, the importance of integrating social and environmental aspects into the business foundation and economy increases.

Management’s CSR formulation

At Tech Invent A/S, we have embarked on the green transition because we consider it essential to ensure the planet for future generations. We do it because we find it necessary and want to take responsibility and do business in a sustainable way. To ensure that our impact is compatible with a sustainable future, it is crucial that we eventually operate a carbon-neutral business. We have therefore prepared a carbon footprint report for the last fiscal year and are now identifying how we can reduce our CO2 emissions. The goal is to reduce our climate impact over a five-year period and become carbon neutral by 2028.

Towards less environmental impact

To ensure the planet for future generations, it is crucial that we reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, especially CO2. In that context, we have chosen to work specifically on Sustainable Development Goals 12 and 13. This means, among other things, that we have started work on creating a “green design guide” to reduce the environmental impact of the products and machines we design in production, during operation, and disposal. We dream of sharing the knowledge we gain from developing this “green design guide” with other companies and thus also helping to reduce their environmental impact.

Social engagement

Tech Invent A/S’s long-term success depends on our creativity and innovation, which we believe stems from a healthy corporate culture based on a good community and solidarity. Therefore, it is an important element in our strategy to work on maintaining and adapting the culture as the company grows.