Calaject tester

Cost-effective quality check of instruments

It does not always make sense to manufacture an expensive product in industrial quality. Processes can be automated with inexpensive special machines, which is the case for the Calaject tester that Tech Invent has developed for RØNVIG Dental. Instead of using a traditional industrial control, the machine is controlled via microcontrollers programmed in a high-level programming language. The cost-effective system utilizes additive manufacturing like 3D-printed designs, which has ensured an agile project and a cost-effective solution that took less than four months to develop. This type of solution presents the possibility that similar processes can be automated in a short timespan.


RØNVIG Dental produces and sells special instruments for dentists globally, including the award-winning Calaject, which assists dentists via computer assisted local anesthesia. An important step in the manufacturing process is a thorough quality check before the device is shipped to the customer.

The solution

The special machine Calaject Tester from Tech Invent automates a manual quality control which verifies the many functions of the Calaject device. With the help of microcontrollers and sensitive electronics various parameters such as force and distance measurements from Calaject’s handpiece are gathered. Data can easily be extracted and inspected by the operator before being archived.

Benefits from the cooperation

The machine reduces daily quality control from 4 hours to just 15 minutes. In addition, the design allows up to 5 devices to be tested simultaneously.

“We wanted to upgrade our quality control and quickly found that Tech Invent was the right partner. The project process has been efficient with good communication along the way. There has been a good understanding of our requirements and level of documentation, and we now have a well-functioning machine that optimizes our daily workflow.”

Lars Jørgensen – Quality manager at RØNVIG Dental