Buffer system for rolling machine

RPC Superfos designs, develops and manufactures innovative plastic packaging solutions – injection molded or thermoformed – for a wide range of industries.


RPC Superfos wanted to develop buffer systems for their existing rolling machines. They needed a solution that fitted their production in terms of functionality and safety – with high requirements for reliable and efficient operations.

How we do

The requirements for the machine were efficiently defined on the basis of our front-loading procedure which ensures that the development work collects the customer’s knowledge, requirements, wishes and needs in the best possible way. At Tech Invent we are very adaptable which is crucial when the task is to integrate a buffer system in an existing machine. Niels Fisker, who is in charge of the maintenance in the production engineering department, is very pleased that Tech Invent is able to communicate with the technical staff at RPC Superfos so that the buffer system, only after a few amendments, achieved an optimal integration in the existing machine.

What we provide

In this case, Tech Invent was the manufacturer of the buffer system with the relating obligations as regards supply and services. Sometimes, the customer wants to manufacture the product on its own, and here Tech Invent may serve as a temporary development department for this product. In this case, the supply of the buffer system to RPC Superfos involved an incomplete machine with CE documentation, equipment, commissioning (FAT/SAT), tests and a following service agreement.