System cleaners

CFD of piping

System Cleaners develops, manufactures, sells and services efficient and modern cleaning solutions for the food industry. The goal is to improve hygiene and reduce cleaning time, which makes production time more efficient.


Food production requires a high level of hygiene. One method to obtain this is to fill the entire pipeline with cleaning foam, thereby stopping the product flow. This is followed by a rinsing process to remove the foam, which is a comprehensive and time-consuming task. System Cleaners contacted Tech Invent with a new idea for cleaning larger pipelines on ships, but needed visualization of the system’s internal flows and quantification of the amount of detergent used.

How we do it

In this case, the pipeline was divided into segments, rather than simulating the entire system. Each segment was modeled and analyzed so that mixing of water and detergent over time could be visualized and quantified.

What we deliver

We deliver accurate and reliable results within the CFD field and are able to make the right simplifications to reduce costs without compromising on quality. We are result-oriented and focus on communicating our experiences to our customers.
“We contacted Tech Invent to visualize the internal cleaning system for a larger pipeline on a ship. The project was quickly resolved and a foundation was formed that we could pass on to our customer.” Per Kjøller – R&D Manager at System Cleaners