Wireless measurement of shaft runout

Tech Invent is always adaptable to our client’s needs. Over a few weeks time we have developed a mechatronical product that enables wireless data collection regarding shaft runout.


Measurement of runout plays a key role in machine shops and production facilities. Bringing IoT (Internet of Things) into this quality control, ensures welldocumented, consistent and accurate data.

How we do it

With the help from microcontrollers and precision sensors, data is collected from several digital indicators, thereby mapping the shaft runout with high resolution. Data from indicators is transmitted wirelessly to a receiver at a distance of 10 meters. The receiver collects and sorts all incoming data, while measuring the corresponding angle of the shaft. The devices communicate on an internal wireless network and are therefore independent of WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity. Upon measurement completion the data can easily be extracted to e.g. Excel or MATLAB. The cost efficient system utilizes a 3D-printed design to encapsulate the electronics, allowing for easy and cheap addition of additional sensors.

What we deliver

Do you wish to ease or monitor a process without having to invest in heavy-duty equipment? Tech Invent offers to perform measurements of shaft runout on-site or develop a system which fits you needs. We have already delivered different sensor-packages to various industries and can easily help you with your mechatronical IoT-project.