On Site Engineers at Beumer Group (Crisplant)

BEUMER GROUP (Crisplant) is a company which works with and provides fully integrated and automated highspeed airport baggage handling systems – as well as sorting solutions within postal, package, storage, distribution and production industries.


Due to variable workloads, the development department at Crisplant needs on-site consultancy services from time to time, and they thus need a close and reliable partner with whom they can build a strong long-term relationship.

How we do

As a client, you really feel the special culture and atmosphere at Tech Invent where commitment, a positive attitude and curiosity are strong values. Crisplant experiences that the atmosphere in the project group gets a general boost as each Tech Invent consultant has a professional and trustful approach to all tasks.

What we provide

Tech Invent’s work for Crisplant varies between engineering, documentation and technical project management, depending on the project. A Tech Invent consultant is a skilled all-rounder, which is much appreciated as some projects may change their nature during the process.
”The consultants from Tech Invent bring a professional and positive atmosphere into the department” Ulrik Steen Hansen – The head of the research and development department at Crisplant