Virtual Reality

Design review in virtual reality

Virtual Reality (VR) is developing rapidly and new VRapplications are constantly being released. Tech Invent always utilizes the latest software in order to perform design reviews in VR.


VR allows for evaluation of designs in correct scale. Among other things, Tech Invent uses VR in the design process when constructing special-purpose machines and during CE-marking, where VR makes it possible to detect and correct flaws during development.

How we do it

We use our VR-equipment in collaboration with our customers so they can keep up with the design process. Previously, when inspecting a 3D-model, it happened exclusively on the computer. However, by continually inspecting models in VR, we experience a better sense of how the final product is taking shape. This yields new opportunities to experience and test our projects in a virtual environment before the product comes to life.

Tech Invent uses a variety of software that can be used for presentation or manipulation of models in the VR environment. We have already used VR in several projects and are constantly developing our knowledge about the various tools available.

What we deliver

Tech Invent offers to use VR in your project as an extra tool for quality assurance.

Do you want to inspect your model in a virtual environment or do you have a special request for a model that you e.g. want to see moving in VR?

Contact us and let us show you the possibilities and advantages of VR.