Development of special machine

“Let us build your machine”, a request for those who want a production that is innovative, flexible and efficient.

The procedure of the project

  1. Clarification of the value of the project in connection with recognition of the need
  2. Concept development and proof of the solution found
  3. Development, fabrication and testing
  4. Commissioning of the equipment / machine whereby the efficiency is achieved
  5. Helpful with service and spare parts after completion of the project
Tech Invent focuses on achieving the “right” solution by engaging in close dialogue with the customer at all stages of the project. Timetables, budget and requirement specification are essential competitive parameters in the market and we make a virtue of maintain these. The case deals with a total delivery with concept development, design, manufacture and commissioning of a varnishing machine that varnish and UV-harden 250 items / minute. The development of the special machine has been done in close dialogue with the customer to ensure a machine that lives up to the customer’s expectations. The requirement specification defined an OEE of 80%, which after production of the first 3 million items has proved to be approx. 96%.