Siemens Gamesa

Development projects with calculation and simulation

Siemens Gamesa is a leading company within renewable energy with an aim to ensure cleaner, reliable and more affordable energy for society, including to make a profitable business for its shareholders.


Siemens Gamesa wants to outsource development projects to well-chosen business partners. To a great extent, Siemens Gamesa wants to ensure that their suppliers are competitive and have the competencies they demand. Especially engineering services concerning the company’s core products are outsourced to reliable engineering companies.

How we do

Since the minor projects back in 2009, Tech Invent has achieved an even greater trust from Siemens Gamesa and was in 2017 selected as one of their leading suppliers of mechanical development projects. Thanks to the closeness and the great relationships with several departments at Siemens Gamesa, Tech Invent is continuously able to optimize its work procedures, development methods and calculation routines. At Tech Invent we have a constant focus on optimization of work procedures in accordance with the customers’ needs and current standards.

What we provide

The engineers at Tech Invent work determinedly with FEM simulation where the work with the latest technologies and achievement of new knowledge are paramount. The engineers are in charge of selecting the right calculation model for the task in order to ensure an appropriate scope of calculation. We are in close dialogue with the customer and other external suppliers as we also work with internal and external verification. At the same time, we endeavor an active communication with the customer so that the projects are performed efficiently, determinedly and in accordance with the customer’s requirements specification and methods.
”I have had a long-term cooperation with Tech Invent as regards calculation and documentation of our transport and lifting equipment. This cooperation is very valuable for Siemens Gamesa as we really benefit from Tech Invent’s great experience and professionalism. Moreover, we also benefit from their willingness and initiatives to a great cooperation in general as this is crucial for our daily work with Tech Invent.” Janni Olldag – Project manager at Siemens Gamesa