Value, mission and vision

Our values illustrate the work environment and atmosphere. Our mission and vision is also important and it also a part of our DNA. In Tech Invent we identify ourselves with our values, mission and vision.


We want to create success for our clients through a common passion for technology and a corporate culture, that builds on constant development and upgrading of staff skills.


We want to be the engineering company that adds the greatest value to clients and employees.

Company values

  • Informal: We are informal, which is reflecting in our flat organizational structure and the way we do things.
  • Dedication: We are dedicated to what we do – both in the solving og customer assignments and development of the company.
  • Innovation: We are innovative and constantly attempt to think in new ways as well as challenge the client in a positive way.
  • Honesty: We say things as they are. This applies both to the client and internally in the organization.
  • Value-creating: We create value for our clients and employees.
  • Competent: Our team of competent employees are adaptable, and we are quick to engage the issues of our clients.


Tech Invent would like to make a difference, take care of nature and the planet’s resources. That’s why we support WWF as a business sponsor.