As the green transition becomes a central part of the industry, Tech Invent is passionately committed to advancing sustainable solutions. We don’t just look at the CO2 balance sheet; we delve into life cycle analysis, energy optimization, and resource conservation while ensuring that material properties meet necessary requirements.

How we contribute

We provide insight into your current material and energy status, identify green opportunities, and outline the path to lower CO2 emissions. Our goal isn’t just to choose more sustainable materials but to integrate sustainability throughout your value chain—from energy-efficient design and production to design for easy disassembly and sustainable disposal.

What you get with us

With Tech Invent’s green design guide, you’ll be guided through material selection, energy optimization, and CO2 reduction. We analyze your production, identify areas for improvement, and present sustainable solutions that make a difference now and in the future, including approaches to design for disassembly to promote reuse and recycling.