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Plant & Offshore

Thanks to our excellent network of leading business partners, we can efficiently perform specialist tasks which require many years of experience from the industry in question. Our business network includes welding engineers, piping engineers and marine engineers and offers on-site inspections for a quick and efficient identification of error sources. This could include welding inspections, troubleshooting on rotating equipment, insufficient surface treatment, inappropriate choice of materials, etc. By involving a specialist with our permanent staff, we create synergy for the total project. Synergy occurs between the specialist, who identifies the error sources, and our development department, which subsequently performs analyses, simulation and changes of the design, if needed. Thus, we make sure that the error is eliminated or remedied for the future, for example through a Fitness-For-Service evaluation.

Below you find a list of areas where we can draw on our expertise to solve particularly challenging problems:

• Plant layout and piping
Choice of materials and specification of construction steel in accordance with ISO 19901-3/EN 1993 and EN 13480/3
• Fire protection (active/passive)
• Pumps, compressors and gas turbines
• Pressure tanks, atmospheric tanks and big valves
ASME, EN13445/3 and BS PD5500
• Offshore cranes, lifting and handling equipment
• Rescue equipment (rescue boats, float, MOB / FRB etc.)
• Materials, metallurgy, corrosion, welding and NDT
Welding procedures (WPS), welding procedure qualification record (WPQR) and ISO 3834
• Concept, detailed design, construction/commissioning process and service
• FFS: Fitness For Service (API 579).