On-site engineer

Tech Invent offers engineer assistance for an agreed-upon period of time, or when the need arises. In practice, this means that an engineer from Tech Invent will be physically present at your company, and be part of your project team or development department. Our customers benefit greatly from this on-site solution, which is efficient and based on openness, professionalism and mutual trust.

There are multiple good reasons to utilize our on-site service:

  • We can cover an urgent resoruce requirement during peak periods in your engineering department
  • We can provide skills that you may not be in possession of yourselves
  • We can provide input in relation to new knowledge and our own experiences

This is how we work
An engineer from Tech Invent is accustomed to work on a variety of projects for a wide range of clients. This means that an on-site engineer is effective from day one, quick to familiarize themselves with systems, and resolve what the task covers. You will be met by an engineer that is motivated and dedicated, which often leads to an energization of an already established development department or team. Our engineers treat all information confidentially, and make sure that all new knowledge acquired is passed on during, or at the end of the stationing period.

As a client, it is possible to choose a long term cooperation with Tech Invent, where we provide the optimal amount of engineers fit for the job. These engineers will be well-versed in the relevant products, work methods and needs, and also able to commit themselves completely, as if a they are a permanent part of the engineering staff.

What do you get?
Tech Invent assures you a competent engineer with a strong professional environment from the firm, but the engineer also has a number of skilled colleagues to draw on.

The employees who work on-site are used to working out and love the challenges of deadlines and special demands from the customer. You will experience a motivated and committed engineer, who adds energy and new competences to your company – and of course all knowledge about you we handle with full confidentiality.

Our methods ensure that the information and knowledge that the on-site engineer builds during the posting period is continuously passed on and finally handed over to you at the end of the assignment.