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Calculation and simulation

Tech Invent can assist you with all kinds of calculations, both analytical assignments and calculation using advanced computer models, because Tech Invent has expert knowledge and mastered the use of simulation programs to analyze and optimize load-affected components in interaction with the effects of liquids and gases with e.g. flow, pressure and temperatures.

Analytical calculations, FEM and CFD, can advantageously be solved at Tech Invent, because it is important to ensure that the developed product is optimized in terms of functionality, stability, strength, weight, noise, production suitability etc.

Proper use of materials provides material savings. It is also worth checking components for fatigue, so that machine components don’t break down after a few months, if small design corrections could have saved loads for many years.

The calculation tasks vary in size and complexity and can e.g. be a simple dimension of a machine part, pressure loss calculation on a valve or strength-related verification of a large steel structure according to applicable norms and standards.

This is how we work
We can perform quick estimates in the introduction phase of your project, and we can manage great and complex models with interaction between different calculation tools. Most importantly for us, is that the scope of the assignment is fitting to your needs – not more, not less.

Examples of calculations we can assist with:

  • CFD-simulation (computational fluid dynamics)
  • FSI-simulation (fluid-structure interaction)
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEM-simulation)
  • Calculation of transportation equipment
  • Verification of strength
  • Rigging-calculations

What do you get?

A supplier who can act as a third party approver or as an internal reviewer in your company.

Calculation engineers who want to take responsibility for their work by choosing the calculation models critically, so that the calculations are documented briefly and accurately.
There are multiple advantages to having us assist with your heavy calculation and simulation needs:

  • We have the necessary experience and updated knowledge of the field
  • We utilize the leading calculation and simulation tools and software
  • We have the necessary computer capacity

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