We are constantly working to be at the very top in terms of complying with out clients’ requirements for quality, delivery time, and budget.

In development projects we follow internal projects models based on the stage-gate principle, developed to address the different types of projects we do. The project model ensure that all milestones are reached according to schedule, quality, and price. At the same time, there is concurrent control to make sure the project runs according to the plan.

We work on calculation- and simulation tasks according to internal engineering guidelines and quality procedures, to ensure that the working methods and the quality level is always consistent in every project.

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We use Failure Mode and Effects Analysis proactively as an integrated part of out development process – both as an internal risk analysis and as a tool to highlight project risks (and appropriate measure) to the client. Our employees are educated and experiences in FMEA.

What is FMEA?
FMEA was originally developed by the American military and NASA. The method is widely used today within the machine-, electronics-, food-, pharmaceutical- and automobile-industries. Moreover, it is an integrated part of the APQP-process (Advanced Product Quality Plannig), which is a quality tool developed by the automobile industry in the late 80s.

FMEA is a systematic model used to identify, prioritize and reduce risks in development projects and production. Through the use of three different criteria, the risk connected to subjects are prioritezed, and a plan of action is created. The method is present through the whole development phase, so unforeseen problems and their effects are minimized.

Advantages to using FMEA

  • Improvement of quality, durability and safety in relation to products and processes
  • Decreased risk of lawsuits or claims
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Improved company reputation
  • Reduced development time by being proactive
  • Valuable knowledge acquisition
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