Project management

When a customer needs to invest in a new machine, a calculation task or a process optimisation, many issues must be addressed before the project can commence. It is necessary to calculate the total costs of the project and to counter the risks that may affect it or that perhaps even could prevent the project from being a success. An investment assessment on the basis of the assignment costs versus the economic benefits should be prepared. Furthermore, it is important that an overall realistic timetable is created for the project, including a consideration of probable problems / challenges along the way as well as an interest analysis to avoid conflicts of interest and resistance to change, etc.

Obviously it requires a lot of time, knowledge, experience and perspective to be the key person handling this huge puzzle. That is why you should choose to invest in an external project manager from Tech Invent, who takes over the handling and the management of the project, so that you can concentrate on all other important tasks in your job. Along with the entire project team, our project manager ensures that a plan is prepared, containing targets and priorities – including brainstorming, design, manufacture and assembly.

Focus on these milestones and priorities is fundamental to the outcome of the project and the creation of success; the plan is followed closely to ensure that all resources are utilised in the best possible way and that the quality is right. Regular meetings will be held during the project to ensure that specific norms and internal standards are met.

What do you get?
All Tech Invent’s employees are reliable and have a positive approach to good ideas and input from our customers, and we always explore what can be done in relation to the specific project’s finances and schedule. Good communication is important and is often the solution to the challenges that may arise. We have many years of experience and we are known for creating value for our customers – you may safely leave your project in our hands.