CE marking

As the manufacturer of products or production equipment, it is required that the product meets the applicable requirements and regulations. CE marking is the manufacturer’s guarantee that this is the case, and that there is a technical file containing the required documentation. In other words, the CE-marking is an agreement between the authorities and the industry that the product complies with the general safety requirements according to the relevant directives.

At the same time, CE-marking also ensures that the product meets the European Union requirements for trade within Europe.

What do you get?
As a total supplier when it comes to the development of technical products and equipment, our employees are educated in CE marking in accordance with the new machinery directive. This means that we can take care of the entire project of approval, preparation of the required documentation, and the affixation of the CE mark itself.

Technical dossier
The technical file of a product is the document package that forms the basis of the CE mark approval. The main contents of the file are the following:

  • Declaration of conformity
  • Risk assessment
  • Instruction for use
  • Documentation

The documentation contains calculation reports, production drawings, wiring diagrams, certificates, service and maintenance manual, among other things.

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