Development of production equipment

Tech Invent can assist you through all phases of the development of production equipment. We have experienced that the best solutions arise from a synergy between the product knowledge of a client and the competencies and experiences that we bring to the table after having worked on many projects in the past.

More often than not, these types of projects start out with the preparation of a detailed requirement specification. This way, all partners have a firm idea of the content of the assignment. This creates the best framework for a successful project

After development and assembly is done, we handle the setup of the machine. We also provide control and documentation package. Typically, the equipment is verified with a FAT-test before shipping, and a SAT-test on-site in connection with the setup. Subsequent service of the equipment is also something we can handle.

Production optimization

We can also take a look at your production line. We often see that development companies focus on the core products to such a degree that optimization of the production equipment is pushed off – both knowingly and unknowingly.

Out engineers have flair for optimization, and we regularly discover alternative solutions that expand the production possibilities. We can also help find a solution to a specific need, or confront a previously unsolved challenge.