Finite Element Analysis

Finite Element Analysis / Finite Element Method-simulation is one of Tech Invent’s key activities. This method is an effective tool to reduce expenses in connection with product development.

We have access to ANSYS, SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional, and Pro/MECHANICA for carrying out the simulations. ANSYS is out favorite tool, and we switch between APDL scripts and the Workbench method depending on the nature of the project.

Our engineers have the knowledge about the following concepts:

  • Topology optimization with respect to materials, material usage, weight and geometry
  • Strength calculation of anything from individual items to large structures
  • Dynamic fatigue calculation and life calculation
  • Fatigue calculation of welds and bolts
  • Linear and nonlinear stress analysis
  • Modal analysis, which is calculating the natural frequencies of different orders and corresponding vibration situations
  • Thermal simulation, which is used in cooling when mapping distribution of heat
  • Collision simulation where the durability of items are analyzed, e.g. by drop test

See examples of what Finite Element Analysis can be used for: